Sunday, April 8, 2012

Don Antonio Cafe

After the long walk and procession, my friends decided to have something to eat before they go back to Manila. Looking for places we used to hang out but unfortunately all stores were closed because it's Passover. Then we found a cafe besides the Angono Municipal Hall, Don Antonio Cafe.

I've heard a lot of things with this cafe from my friends and relatives but haven't tried it yet, so I guess this is the right time to work on my taste buds.

Located along P. Tolentino St. corner Doña Nieves St. Angono, Rizal is a coffee shop wherein you can enjoy variety of food craves. At first glance, the cafe looks like a typical snack bar. The dining area is located outside and no customer would be able to enter the service area because it seems like only the staffs are allowed. You will need to find your seats first and staffs will assist you afterwards.

From salads, rice meals, pasta and deserts all these you can find on their menu even burritos and nachos too. Frappuccino, hot tea, cold drinks and iced beverages you can also have here.

I like this part, tasting time! Though I have my own order, I can taste the one they’ve ordered. What a clever I am!

First stop, Adobo Flakes. All I can say is I can beat this one. It’s a simple adobo rice meal in a well presented plate. Just a reminder, when you order please be mindful to specify Adobo Flakes pasta or rice meal because my friend originally want some pasta but he forgot to mention it.

The croissant on the side is not included, my friend just added it.
Italian style Baked Macaroni is quite usual. I love the cheese they’ve put on top.

Cream Dory and Crab Sticks. The fillet cream dory at the bottom covered by cheese and crab sticks with taste of green bell pepper match with java rice is a must have.  

All served drinks are ok from frapuccino, red ted and iced choco.

Overall, the food was great and affordable. The only thing I can advise for this café is to expand more for the dining area and try to redecorate and improve the inner side of the café.

I will surely come back and recommend Don Antonio Cafe to some of my friends.

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